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Our Guarantee



At Fasttorepair.com are proud to have the BEST REPAIR WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY, sometimes better than the original manufacturers warranty. Automation device repair is done with one thing in mind, perfection. For all your automation device and CNC repair needs, be sure not to spend too much money somewhere else on substandard repair and parts. Our warranty is for 12 months, or 365 days, and is nontransferable.


1-Year Guarantee

Our electronic items come with a statutory 1-year guarantee, starting upon receipt of the products. Fasttorepair reserves the right to decide whether items are either repaired or replaced. Many of our manufacturers offer extended warranties on their products. These products are labeled accordingly in the Fasttorepair product catalogue.


We promise to:

  • Provide only genuine goods.
  • Provide 24/7 customer support.
  • Sourcing the best suppliers to offer the high quality products.  Fasttorepair.com will inspect the products after receiving the goods from suppliers.
  • Testing your products before shipment.  Fasttorepair.com has special testing engineers to test all products before shipments.
  • Tracking your products on delivery.  Fasttorepair.com always use the DHL,FEDEX,UPS or EMS. We will send you the tracking number after shipment.


Test your product

Even if the quality of our product suppliers project; are all trusted manufacturers, but we will not relax any part of a test. All products must go through a detailed quality control procedures:


1(2).png All products will be the first to our international distribution centers, the inspection team assessed by a professional, your product must be in strict compliance with the agreements and inspection requirements. Our high-quality testing standards; inspirational to your product quality assurance.


2(0).pngWe get your order right after; before we start packing, we will do a thorough check to properly match the orders.




3(0).pngThen by our own quality control team for your products a full range of inspection, from the inside out, in accordance with strict protocols and standards required to perform.



4(0).pngIf the products meet our testing standards, we give approval. Ready to send to you fast!




Fasttorepair.com inspectors work

From the picture below you can see, our team of professionals work hard every day, never slack off, to ensure that your products are up to standard, so you FastToBuy.com lazy to trust and confidence.

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