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1. How to buy

  (1) Q: Can I get my money refund if the items are not as described?

       A: We have a 7 days refund policy and 60 days quality warranty. Please enjoy your purchasing!

  (2) Q: Can I purchase without login the website?

       A: Yes, you can send us the purchase order via FAX to 0086-755-82719535, Payment methods such as TT, Western Union and Paypal are available.

  (3) Q: How do I apply for preferential price?

       A: If the order of more than USD 1000, you can Apply for preferential price, please give us telephone,email,MSN,we will reply ASAP.

  (4) Q: How do I use the Western Union discount?

       A: When remittance, You can call directly money order amount (excluding freight) * 0.93 + freight.

2. How To Pay

  (1) Q: Payment methods

       A:  FastToRepair.com provides several available ways of payments. Choose anyone you see convenient: Payment methods:

            Credit and debit cards
            Western Union
            Telegraphic transfer

            We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express or any other kind of credit card that's available in most regions in the world. Your payment via credit card or debit card will be safely delivered under Globebill security check.


           1. We currently can not accept single transfer more than 1500$ for 99bill payment; for GlobebBill users, the cap is 1000$.

           2. For each single member we can not accept more than three payments in 24 hours.

           We are sorry if any inconvenience is made, the rules are applied by payment/transfer agencies for security issues.

  (2) Q: Credit card payment notice

       A: 1. If the credit card payment page can't be linked to or revealed as normal, please check your IE security level; usually this situation is caused by high security level of your IE.

           2. Credit card payment
               CTOPAY(payment < 1000USD)The maximum payment we accept through CTOPAY is 1000USD.
               99BILL(payment < 1500USD)The maximum payment we accept through 99BILL is 1500USD.

           3. Usually, when you're placing an order to us, the successful transfer percentage of credit card payment is near 50% to 60%. In case there is constantly a failure in your credit card transfer, please choose other payments.

           4. Several possible reasons for credit card payment failures:

               a. The credit card holder is in a high risk region or area.

               b. The credit card holder is defined as "special populations", such as: teacher/professor, government workers, etc.

               c. The credit card has tainted records, and is denied in VISA, MACARD systems.

  (3) Q: How to pay with VISA card?

       A: If you have a VISA card, we recommend CTOPAY as your payment method.

  (4) Q: How to pay with Master card?

       A: If you have a Master card, we recommend KQBILL as your payment method.

3. Shipping & Delivery

  (1) Q: Shipping Methods Guide

       A: FastToRepair.COM provides several ways of international delivery: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and EMS. Generally speaking, the shipment will arrive within 7 working days. We provide tracking numbers once the shipment is on the way.

  (2) Q: Our vessel's position

       A: FastToRepair.COM ship worldwide; almost every country in the coverage area, including: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and so on. We use mainly credible international operator services to ensure your package arrives safe and reliable destination. Please refer to the following list to learn about our ship is to reach your country.

4. After Sales

  (1) Q: Receipt of goods

       A: If the customer found the package damaged upon delivery, he or she should refuse to sign on the package. It is always recommended to check the package and the item upon delivery, if you find the items are damaged, contact with the express agent immediately. When you gain the damaged item paperwork from your express agent, contact with us, we will make arrangement to cover the compensation issues and make a new delivery.

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